How to Remove Yourself from the Facebook Group

Have you been added by someone on Facebook to the group you don’t want to be part of and don’t know how to leave the group? It’s simple and only takes a minute. Some of my friends have been added and didn’t know how to take themselves off, so here are the simple steps. I am illustrating it on Přidej sem koho chceš CZ&SK Facebook group (which I have been added to and which happens to be very annoying 🙂

1. Look up the name of the group in search or if you see the posting in the group in your newsfeed, just click on the name of it. This will take you to the main group page.


2. On the main group page, you will see button called “JOINED” (where cover photo is). Click on it (left button) or just scroll over it and then “Leave group” option will appear. Click on it and the following box appears:


3. Check the box to prevent other members to re-add you and then click “leave group”


4. After you click that you will be still on the main group page but no longer a member. You’re done! Now you can just go on your main page, newsfeed or close the page.


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