Hotels, Promote Your Social Media Accounts!

Are your hotel’s social media accounts promoted at the front desk, on room keys or feedback cards? Does your hotel’s website and blog have easily noticeable and clickable Facebook & Twitter logos?  

Surprisingly, most hotels fail to display their social media accounts correctly online and offline. Hard-to-find or nonexistent Facebook and Twitter logos on the website OR at the property are a norm.  I call this paradox “hide and seek”, because hotels basically hide the fact that they have social media accounts and make their customers dig this information up. 

Why is it such a big problem?? If you make it hard on your customers to find you on social media, most of them simply won’t. Therefore, you lose an access to your most valuable fans and followers. I say most valuable, because the guests who have stayed at your hotel before already established an emotional connection with you, so they are more likely to interact with your brand on-line than a person who has never visited your property. Now the best social media accounts have one thing in common – they show high level of fan engagement. This being said, you NEED your guests to find you on Facebook, Twitter etc.

In short, when you play ‘hide and seek’, your fan & follower base is slow to grow and level of engagement on your social media accounts is poor. You can also express what happens in a simple equation: lost connection = lost feedback = lost chance to build trust & loyalty = lost future business. Lesson to take from this? Make it easy – as easy as possible. Display it clearly everywhere you can think of (with reason, of course) – at the minimum, all the places on my checklist below.

Finally, let’s find out if your hotel is playing ‘hide and seek’ by going through my checklist!

If ANY answer to the questions below would be “NO”, your hotel is ‘guilty’:

–         Does your hotel have Facebook & Twitter logos on at least the main page of the website?

–         Does your website have the Facebook & Twitter plug-ins integrated?

–         Is FB & Twitter part of the e-mail signatures of your employees?

–         Do your e-newsletters contain links to your social media accounts?

–         If you have a blog, is your blog linked to your Facebook, Twitter etc.?

–         Do you promote your social media accounts at the property? I.e. Do your room keys, in-room  TV, front desk, feedback cards, receipts show the address to your Facebook, Twitter etc.?

Whether your hotel plays ‘hide and seek’ consciously or unconsciously, I urge you to change it –  stop hindering your social media strategy. When you decided to enter social media space, you took a unique opportunity to connect with your past, current and potential customers. Make it easy for them to find you and you will see an amazing progress in quality as well as quantity of your audience on social media.

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I am curious and passionate about all things social and pretty much anything else I put my mind into.

8 Responses to Hotels, Promote Your Social Media Accounts!

  1. I loved that you pointed out establishing an emotional connection. To do that is share value about what matters most to that market.

    • Thank you dear for your feedback! Emotional connection makes a world of difference, as it helps build loyalty & trust. Regarding Twitter share button, the blog template I am using doesn’t allow me to add it :(( It is however the best visual template I could find, but I do wish there was a share button too trust me 😉

  2. Hey. Put a share button on your blog. I wanted to share it on Twitter.

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  4. I am really grateful to have the information from this blog.I liked the blog as it has been written,the information i got from here.
    This is a good information i got from here.I really liked it and this information is worth remembering.

  5. Lucie,
    I agree hotels need to do a better job of utilizing social media and promoting their social media presence. I did, in fact, write blog on how hotel salespeople need to have a presence as well.
    The one-to-one relationships that can be established between a hotel salesperson and a meeting professional is invaluable. Many hotels hire salespeople for as much for their connections as for their skill as as a sales and marketing professional. They need to get with it, and their sales managers need to push it.

  6. paulbrugger says:

    Hi Lucie,

    What would be great is if the hotel capture the SM accounts at the time of reservation. That way the hotel can pro-actively tweet the guest instead of the guest having to take it from the front desk / room keys etc. Whilst I agree the hotel should be making this information available it still requires the guest to do something.

    Thanks Lucie,


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