Top 5 Ways Hotels Can Find and Reach Luxury Consumers Through Social Media

 Luxury hotels are all over Facebook and Twitter these days. The mere existence on social media channels is, of course, not enough. Successful social media campaign is underlined by a sound strategy, part of which is finding and reaching the target market (in this case the luxury segment).

Here are the top 5 ways on how to find & reach the luxury consumers on social media:


#1: Twitter Lists Rule!

Twitter directory

 If you are one of those people who think Twitter doesn’t make sense, think twice. Twitter is the easiest social media platform for finding & reaching the travelers who love luxury. Thanks to Twitter directories like twellow (, twibes ( or listorious (, you can search through many relevant tags, users & Twitter lists in seconds. Just type in luxury travel, luxury etc. to find a relevant list and then follow every user from that list (I now see some people disapprovingly shaking their heads, but following others is the fastest way to let Twitter users know that you exist on Twitter!). Those who follow you back give you a chance to establish a relationship – please notice I do not say sell to them. Talk to them, engage, have fun & they will love you and come to you next time they travel your way.


#2: World Meets on Facebook Fan Pages


There are plenty of luxury loving fans worldwide who breathe Facebook & travel. The best way to find them is to use Facebook search on your profile’s homepage. When you search for the relevant keywords (luxury, travel, luxury travel, luxury hotels etc.)., the results will contain people, groups, apps etc., but what you really want to focus on are Facebook fan pages. Become a fan of the relevant page that has a lot of people from your target market.  By doing so, you will be able to tag the other fan pages in your Facebook posts (by using @ + start typing the name of the fan page you want to tag), which will make your Facebook page appear on the fan page that you tagged. Yes, you can write straight on the wall of these fan pages (without tagging), but such method is often viewed as a spam, so most people will ignore it plus you are risking being reported for spamming.


#3: Think Competitors! 


Social media (especially Twitter) give you an easy access to your competitors’ clients – existing and potential. You can find out who they are, reach out to them, and ultimately turn them into your clients. Though Facebook will allow you to see the list of all people who are fans of your competitors, reaching out to them is very difficult. Therefore, focus on your competitors’ Twitter accounts instead. It is generally 2 steps process: find your competitors’ Twitter accounts (if they have one) & follow all their followers. The chances are many will follow you back since you offer similar services, which means a chance for you to interact with them, show them your value, and hopefully ‘steal’ the business from your competitors.


#4: Luxury Twitter Users! 


Find the Twitter users who tweet about luxury, travel or both (especially the influential ones) in Twitter directories (more in my point #1), follow them, interact with them, follow their followers, follow who they follow.  My faves include for example @LuxeTiffany (hotel inspector who is all about luxury travel:,  @LuxurHolidays (tourism guide to the luxury traveler that provides a comprehensive list of the best luxury hotels of the world: or @LuxurySociety (informing the world’s leading luxury professionals: For more see 


#5: Blogs!


There are many blogs focusing on luxury consumers. You can find the popular ones easily by putting luxury travel blogs, luxury hotels blogs, luxury travel blogs etc. into Google or you can use blog directories (i.e.  Important part is to participate, which includes commenting on blog posts, getting featured in a blog post, or use paid ads if you want to splurge a little ;). Most often it will be the choice #1 – commenting on blog posts, in which case you need to make sure that your comments are relevant and that they include the link to your site. Some of the popular blogs you should know about are Vagablond (, journeyPod ( or Luxique (

 No matter what you do, remember that the value is not in your selling, but your sharing [quote by @Iconic88]. 

Feel free to add to my list in the comments and best of luck!

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I am curious and passionate about all things social and pretty much anything else I put my mind into.

23 Responses to Top 5 Ways Hotels Can Find and Reach Luxury Consumers Through Social Media

  1. You are such a wise wonderful woman! I think your tips can also extend to many other industries. You’re going places, my dear…literally and figuratively! xoxoxo G

    • Thank you so much sweets for your kind feedback – it made my week!! You are a wise wonderful woman, so that is perhaps why we click so well! ;-)) Definitely the tips extend to more than just hotels, thank you for pointing that out! Thank you also for the words encouragements, I am hanging in there! ;-))

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  3. I think This Information is nice and i really like this information.Thanx

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  4. Thanks for the very informative article!

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  6. Great article! Your knowledge of social media shows well. Keep up the outstanding work. rciii

  7. bet365 says:

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  8. Beyond any doubt blog with usable informations.

  9. Ken Komenda says:

    Great article! I am a hospitality marketing consultant as well as a working innkeeper and I am taking your comments to heart!!!

  10. Neil Penny says:

    Hi There,

    I would like to offer a couple of thoughts…….

    I think you should also include other social media such as Myspace (yes I know it is dying, but it is a valid social media) and Friendster (recently taken over by a Malaysian consortium, it is quite strong down here in south asia) as well as Linkedin which I see as a form of social media as well though targeted at business professionals.

    I like the train of thought about targeting the blogs and tweets of luxury travel agents. However, I think it should be broadened to include companies that offer high end services to travellers including car hire places and spa providers etc. Also, purveyors of luxury items should be targeted as they pop up in the mosy unlikely places. Are you aware that LVMH signed a $200 million deal with the Hilton group to renovate existing Conrad hotels, as well as the new hotels, to provide high end spa services?

    Then there are the providers of luxury lifestyle items such as Harrods, Tiffanies etc.

    The problem with targeting the luxury segment of the market using these media is to identify which of the actual users of the media qualify as opposed to plebs such as myself who are in there for a peep.

    Anyway, I like your train of thought and look forward to some more interesting articles from yourself.


    • Hi Neil,
      Thank you very much for your great thoughts.
      I am glad to get an insight from Asia, as it offers slightly different point of view. Friendster is not too popular in the U.S. so I am not that familiar with strategic marketing on that site. Myspace is really dying and most of my clients do not care to be featured on that site because of the site demographics. When it comes to LinkedIn, until recently LinkedIn didn’t allow brands to really promote themselves so it was hard to use it as marketing medium. Now the situation has changed and be sure that it’ll be included on my list in the future.
      I totally agree with you that luxury products and services are great leads to follow on social media when “hunting” for luxury consumers.
      Thank you again for sharing your feedback!

  11. Palucsis says:

    Such a good article! Thanks dear for sharing your social knowledge with us.

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  13. Tony says:

    Very nice. Good information.


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