The new name for happiness is Twitter!!!

Twitter makes me happy – it really does. It brings joy into my life every day and I especially appreciate its uplifting power during the rare occasions when I feel “lower than usual” (why to use the negative words like down ;-).  So stay tuned and tune yourself to happiness by using these tips on how Twitter can make you happy!

Create an energetic bio that will let your positive personality shine through!  With positive bio, you will almost feel obligated to stay positive. You will almost feel guilty to send out negative tweets, because your followers expect you to be positive! Trust me – I have it verified by experience 🙂 So check your bio and make it as positive as possible.

Find and follow people who are positive, inspiring and funny. The moods tend to be contagious and it works the same way in the virtual world too! So having optimistic and cheerful  tweeps in your stream can quickly make you optimistic and cheerful! How to find such people? The easiest way is to go to the Twitter directories like Listorious, WeFollow, Twellow etc. and look through the related categories (i.e. comedians, inspiration, funny people, comedy etc.).

Create your Happy list!  Put all the people who you find entertaining, inspiring and uplifting into one place – create a Happy list on Twitter! Then when you feel like you need some cheering up, it is easy for you to go through the tweets that can get you back in the right mood!  

Quotes work magic!  I love posting uplifting quotes and seeing them in my stream. The wise words often help us remember what really matters;  they make you think and reevaluate what you are going through, making you ultimately more at peace. Therefore, it is a good habit to tweet quotes about happiness and positive attitude as well as follow people who tweet inspiring quotes (there are many great tweeps who specialize in quotes, my favorite being @livetorque  and @lorimoreno to name a few).

Search for relevant hashtags ( #funny, #inspiring, #hilarious, #quote, #jokes and such)!  It is plain and simple – you can find great tweets by typing the relevant hashtag in Twitter search box. This will pull up many recent tweets that may amuse you and you can also find great tweeps to follow this way.

Engage in conversation!  Talking to your Twitter friends about why you are not in the mood will make you feel better. This applies to real life but it works in the virtual world as well! There are so many sweet  tweeps on Twitter who are encouraging and happy to help, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them!

Cheer someone else up!  If you don’t believe me, believe Mark Twain: “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” There are many people on Twitter who could use some encouragement and support, so trying to help them out will in turn make you feel better too!

Twitter can help you be and stay happy. Give it a try! Next time you feel blue, remember my words and the blue bird called Twitter!  

If you need some more positive energy, connect with me!

Yours XOXO



About Lucie
I am curious and passionate about all things social and pretty much anything else I put my mind into.

4 Responses to The new name for happiness is Twitter!!!

  1. kcb704 says:

    Great post Lucie! You of all people should know that I needed this in my life right now. Like I have said before, twitter is one of the things that keep me going right now especially with tweeps like you 🙂

  2. Phil Baumann says:

    Lucie –

    Agree – Twitter can brighten your day. And I’ve definitely gotten a lot of ‘happiness’ out of the way I use it.

    But I also like to follow people who have opposing views to mine – even if they tick me off. Why? Because I learn more from those experiences than peering into the mirror which Twitter can be if you only look at it as a happiness device. Twitter as mirror – as echo chamber – can turn into a sad illusion.

    For me, I try to use Twitter as a sort of truth device – and that’s hard in a world where data is virtually infinite and hard to verify. The search for the truth isn’t always a happy journey. But it is satisfying.

    The paradox of Happiness and Positive thinking is this: the more you focus on them, the more elusive they become. 🙂



    • Hi Phil,
      What a great response! Thank you so much for taking the time to reading my post and interact with me. I agree – I like to see the opposite side as well so that I can make a better judgement. I wonder who are those who can tick you off…? 😉 I agree that Twitter is a great information source – that is one the biggest pluses I see in Twitter too. And I have to agree with your last sentence as well – the more we think about whether we are happy, the less happy we usually become right? ;-))

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