Why to follow others on Twitter!

This is a common issue I see on Twitter – people DON’T WANT TO FOLLOW ANYONE BUT THEY WANT TO BE FOLLOWED. All those tweeple who are desperately trying to keep their “following” count as low as possible while increasing “followers” count inspired me to write this post, because they don’t realize several things that I think they should understand, which are THE BENEFITS OF FOLLOWING OTHERS.

When I entered the Twitter playground many Fridays ago, I was just like that – I naturally wanted people to follow me, but I rarely had desire to hit the “follow” button. I mostly worried about not being able to keep up with tweets of people that I didn’t want to miss, but I guess I also didn’t see the point of following others. Simply put, I didn’t understand.

So, if you (like I once did) identify with the statement: “I don’t get why I should follow others”, then I will explain to you why… And if you will listen and learn from it, then I guarantee you that you will be more Twit-successful and love Twitter more than ever!


To let other people know you exist!  Twitterverse has millions of citizens, so unless you are the royalty here (like @justinbieber or @aplusk), nobody knows you live there. So how do you expect people to find you if they don’t know that you exist?  Exactly! Let people know who you are, why you are on Twitter and mostly where to find you. By following other people, you let them know that you exist, so that they can find you with one click. Plain and simple – that is how people like it. Yes, there will be people who will find you through Twitter directories (if you entered yourself into any like twibes, wefollow or twellow: btw. strongly encourage you to do that now!) and lists and other sources, but this requires digging and most people will not dig. Therefore, lesson #1 that all average Twitter Joes should burry in their minds forever is: in order to be followed, you need to follow.

I am not telling you to go out there and follow every “white-teeth-promiser”; I am telling you to find people in your area of interest (work, hobby etc.) and follow those who you think could teach you something and/or may find you worth following.

To become expert in your field!  When you follow more people from your area of interest, you get many more points-of-view and up-to-date news to keep you in the loop. Every tweetie brings his/her own spin to the game – different people tweet about different things and they have different approaches. So with more bright people in your sight, you can learn more than with just a few. (Tip: If you have trouble keeping up, start using lists to keep organized.)  

To expand your network!  If you follow more people, all of the sudden more people’s lives are visible to you. You learn about people who live in the same city, like the same things, work for your dream company, are looking for people with your skills… Following the right people can open the door to the possibilities you would not even hear about otherwise.  

There are so many interesting people on Twitter that you can learn from, who can help you achieve your goals and dreams, who are caring and just a great friends who you could hardly find in the real life. However, like in real life, it takes some action; you cannot sit around waiting for the things to happen on its own. You need to help your luck a little! So take the time to find the people who you find interesting and inspiring and extend your hand (don’t be afraid to push that follow button, retweet, and talk to them).

Once you do, you will know exactly what I was talking about, and mostly, you will find the capabilities of Twitter you have never even thought of.  All in all, you will love Twitter more than ever!


About Lucie
I am curious and passionate about all things social and pretty much anything else I put my mind into.

10 Responses to Why to follow others on Twitter!

  1. GADEL says:

    Very true 🙂 –> Follow and let’s Follow <– That's the Twitter Mantra

  2. anonymousor says:

    to fo, or not to fo, that is the question

  3. It is good to follow others, you can learn more about different subject that you are interested in but also it is good to read what people are tweeting, not just follow everyone. Twitter has serious problems with spamming bots so following many bots is not a good fun 😦

  4. Lauren says:

    Great post, I love it. I love following people who have interesting things to say. That’s why I’m on Twitter!

  5. Ron says:

    Severly Disagree With You. bat Is VERY Sellective About Who To Follow On #twitter If You #FF #Followback Everyone You Get Alot Of #Junk #tweets #fact – Been Here Many Years – bat

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