Twitter Heavy Hitters Under Microscope

I am sure that when most of us started playing with Twitter, we all followed the same pattern of thinking. Oh, lets follow @ijustine, @adventuregirl and all those other famous tweeple everybody is talking about and everybody is following. You are thinking that when you follow them, retweet them continuously, strike the conversation for the 100th time without a response, you will perhaps one day get some sign of gratitude or at least respect. Oh, boy, I am laughing at myself for ever thinking that way.

So, the first thing to realize here (if you have not yet) is that to them you really do not matter. In fact, they couldn’t care less for an average Joe with few hundred or thousands of followers. So if you are still secretly praying that they will retweet you or tag you, I strongly recommend wasting your time on other, more realistic things 😉  The celebs of Twitterverse hardly ever interact with others – to be clearer, they rarely follow back, retweet or respond. They are masters of self-promotion, so self is pretty much what is Twitterverse about to them

Worse, their tweeting pretty much defies all the “Good Twitter Citizen rules” like adding value or not tweeting about what you had for lunch. From time to time I get lost and start scanning their tweets and I just can’t help myself but wonder how did these people get so many followers (besides the famous real-life actors and such, which is pretty much self-explanatory)!  To better explain, scan with me @ijustine ‘s profile… “Agh.. I’ve had a headache since yesterday… Go away!!!! Maybe I need some candy.” Really, bringing value, socializing, being a good Twitter citizen? Yeah, right!

So here I get to the climax of my blog post and I finally get to ask a question that I have been dying to find an answer to: how heavy hitters like @adventuregirl or @ijustine with “breakfast, lunch, dinner” kind of tweets got more than 1 million followers??? 

To sum this up, I only follow the heavy hitters who I can’t imagine Twitter without (which is very few, but yeah, @mashable is one of them because of his social media fortune-telling skills 8-))

Seriously, don’t waste your time and energy on hypnotizing heavy hitters and expecting anything back – it is simply not happening. 


About Lucie
I am curious and passionate about all things social and pretty much anything else I put my mind into.

4 Responses to Twitter Heavy Hitters Under Microscope

  1. Came across this post from WordPress’ Tag Surfer. Interesting article! Not a great fan of Twitter myself!

  2. Hey Linus,
    Thanks for your input and finding the time to read my post! I am a huge fan of Twitter. Twitter can be a really helpful tool for both businesses and individuals! However, this thing about heavy hitters that I described in my post is something that I just don’t get 🙂

  3. lylettep says:


    Thank you for this post because what you are saying is so true. I realized it a long time ago and I too buried the idea of ever getting a tweet back from any of these “its all about me” twitter types. Like you I too wonder why so many people follow them but I guess that right there is one of those things we will never truly understand…smile

    Thing is I guess twitter will not be complete without them as they say …it takes all kinds…

    So I guess its all up to those who want to follow the so called “heavy hitters” or I guess not follow them.

    In my case I just follow those who follow me.

  4. I do follow “Heavy Hitters”. Just not on Twitter!

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