#Followfriday Rulezz!

First of all – #Followfriday is a powerful way of flattery, so it can help you tremendously with gaining friends (not just followers, but friends and yes, there is a BIG difference between the two). It can also help you gain more followers, deepen your relationships on Twitter and most of all, add value to your followers. So I definitely do recommend doing #followfridays, BUT that is if you know HOW.

You may THINK YOU KNOW what #Followfriday is about, but do you really know? Most tweeps actually do not know. If all you do is tag couple people and add hashtag #followfriday, then you might as well do nothing. Nobody really pays attention to the tweets naming ten or so people – and if they do, it is because you are flooding their stream with bunch of nonsense, in which case they will want to get rid of you (the magic trick we all hate called UNFOLLOW). So if you are sending out one tweet after another with #FF @me @you @me @you @me @you etc., then you are not doing a favor to anybody, really – not to those who you are tagging, not your followers, and mostly, not to yourself.

Remember that every tweet you send should add value and you can add a lot of value by doing #followfriday THE RIGHT WAY. Use this day to recommend the best people you follow to your followers in a way that is personable – tell your followers what the people you are recommending are about. Explain why people should follow them. For example, you can say “the best tweeps in #travel who follow back @…@ #FF” – it certainly makes the person you are tagging more special and encourages your followers to take action (follow) more than usual “#FF @me @you etc.” Your followers will feel like you are trying to honestly recommend someone good, not just spam their feed; the tagged tweeps will feel more flattered and you, in turn, are now much more worth following.

And if you really want to highlight someone, then devote him/her a tweet. Don’t name ten others, just name this one special someone and reason why he/she is so special. This is the ultimate way to flatter someone, so if you want to make friends, not just followers (trust me, it is worth the effort) then learn how to do this. My good Twitter friend @tweetclean is a specialist in this, so if you really want to learn how to do it the right way, check him out.

#Followfriday is my favorite day on Twitter, because it gives me an opportunity to reconnect with good friends, praise the new friends and help those who have helped me. It is a great feeling to compliment someone and doing it from the heart, and if you do, it will come back to you. 


About Lucie
I am curious and passionate about all things social and pretty much anything else I put my mind into.

2 Responses to #Followfriday Rulezz!

  1. Sourav Ghosh says:

    Great post. Really Friday is my most favourite day in the week. Every Friday getting to know new people is really a wonderful experience. What I love most about #FollowFriday is it reminded us a forgotten culture-APPRECIATING OTHERS FOR THEIR GOOD QUALITIES. Every Friday after drafting my #FollowFriday tweets I feel blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life.

    • Hi Sourav,
      Thank you very much for your wonderful input. I feel the same way – it feels wonderful to compliment people; I try to do this very often. However, on Friday Twitter has this special atmosphere of everybody thanking and sharing their gratitude and it is amazing how some people can be creative in the their followfriday “thank yous”. Followfriday does rule! 🙂

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