Save Time & Improve the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Campaign

Okay, so your business has an account on Facebook and Twitter. If you are taking care of it regularly, then you are heading in the right direction. However, if your account is collecting dust, then you are better off canceling it altogether. You don’t want your customers to ask important questions or giving their feedback and leaving them with no answer. The lack of response would translate to lack of interest and consequently reflect on your entire company badly, as it simply makes the customer feel not important. The bottom line here is – it is not enough to establish an account on social media sites, you need to update it regularly and add value to those who took their time to follow you. Since doing so can be very time-consuming, I created a list of tips on how to run social media accounts effectively without wasting your precious time.

· Establish an account on Hootsuite ( – this great tool will help you control several social media accounts at once. You will no longer need to go to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts separately to update your statuses. You can also manage your lists, followers and schedule tweets with this cool tool.

· Schedule your updates. Yes, you read it right – do schedule. You cannot possibly sit on Twitter on Facebook entire day long to reach various types of audience. Scheduling will ensure you are updating regularly without great amount of effort and getting attention from various kinds of customers (morning birds, night owls, business and leisure users around the globe etc.). My advice would be to sit down each Monday and schedule the updates for the entire week. Go with at least 3-4 tweets a day on Twitter and 1 update a day on Facebook (or LinkedIn if you have one). However, make sure than not all your activities on social media sites are scheduled – you need to leave space for interaction!

· Be the most active at the end of the week. The most users appear on social media sites during Thursday and Friday, with 1 – 6 p.m. being the busiest hours. Keep this in mind and try to post as much as possible during these hours.

· #Hashtags, #hashtags, #hashtags! Make sure that you include hashtags in majority, if not all, of your tweets – if you are tweeting about your Valentine’s Day promotion, tag it with #valentinesday. The people who are interested in this topic will find you more easily and your efforts are thus more purposeful.

· Twist and turn your message in creative ways. You don’t have to come up with something new all the time to add value and keep your followers and fans interested. You can keep them refreshed by having different approach to the same topic – for example, to promote your Valentine’s Day special, you can reword the promotion in various ways to catch the eye – i.e. “Romance is in the air – our Couples Party starts 7 p.m. Feb.14!” can be restated as “Sold out last year, our Couples Party will warm up every heart and soul! Come to ‘XYZ’ Feb. 14 at 7 p.m.!”

· Create and follow lists on Twitter & add Facebook accounts of your industry leaders to your ‘Favorite Pages’. Trust me – lists are your best friends when it comes to staying organized and getting quality, relevant news in minimal time. When you come across a Twitter user whose tweets are often what you are interested in, make sure you include him/her in your list. Then when you have little time to look for quality tweets, just go to your list filled with your favorites. When it comes to Facebook, for the ease of reviewing the best Facebook accounts in your field, just download the ‘Favorite Pages’ application to your profile and add them to your box or tab.

· Keep an eye on competitors. Write down several direct competitors who come to your mind. Check if they have social media accounts; if they do, watch and learn. Staying in the loop is essential; being ahead desirable!

· Include links in your updates. If you are using Hootsuite (my point #1), you can include your links easily and effectively. If you are not Hootsuite fan, make sure that you use, or other shortening URLs service to track the clicks. Ideally, each of your updates should have a link that is shortened by you, so you can see what posts are creating interest, which time of the day is good for posting certain things, where the leads come from etc. Even if the link doesn’t need shortening, make sure you do shorten it so that you can track the clicks. One more note – ensure that your posts always have the whole link copied (not just but If you fail to put http:// , your link will lead nowhere.

· Wonder what the web is saying about you! Subscribe to Google Alerts, google your company periodically, and search Twitter for the tweets containing your company’s name. Be ready for criticism, but make sure to respond no matter if you agree or not with what is being said, and mainly, do so in a professional manner.

· SOCIALize. Save the best for last, as they say. This is the most important point that I want you to keep in mind. It may seem obvious, but from the experience I know this is the point worth emphasizing – main purpose of social media is to socialize. You will not be able to attract your target audience effectively on social media sites if the only thing you write about is what you are interested in, what you do or sell. You have to think about what other things your customers may be interested in to establish the common ground and trust. If you are trying to get people to come to your club for Wednesday night parties in Los Angeles, write about local events, weather, LA news etc. besides pushing your promotions onto your audience all the time. You may find that interacting with your fans and followers is time-consuming, but if you set yourself some time each day – lets say 30 min. – just to respond, ask questions, retweet others’ posts etc., you will find socializing fun and less overwhelming.

Needless to say, there is much more detail to each point and much more points one could write about. However, the ones I mentioned above are the most critical and vital to the success of your company’s social media campaign. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments and write suggestions. I appreciate your time and hope that you will find these tips useful.


“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. ~David Frost”


About Lucie
I am curious and passionate about all things social and pretty much anything else I put my mind into.

4 Responses to Save Time & Improve the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Campaign

  1. Brian Meeks says:

    This is a well thought out and helpful list. Your writing is concise and well done. I am pleased to see that spelling and grammar were on the mark. I enjoy blogs that are well written.

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  3. Janit says:

    Nice blog….Keep blogging.

  4. Kristin Marquardt says:

    What a great list! Just created an account with hootsuite and find it very convenient and easy to use. I was sceptic about scheduling tweets and had the impression that some people just use it to spam their followers. The way you explain it, it makes much more sense and is a nice service to your target audience.

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